ORS 551.090
Meetings of landowners

  • procedure
  • selection of advisory board and superintendent


Within 10 days after the petition has been granted, the petitioners shall call a meeting of the landowners of the district, to be held in the district at a time and place by them designated, for the purpose of choosing three landowners as an advisory board and nominating one landowner for superintendent of the district. Notice of the meeting shall be signed by at least three of the petitioners and posted in three public places in the district five days before the date of the meeting.


At the meeting and at all subsequent district meetings one-half of the landowners in the district being the record owners of at least one-half of the number of acres of land therein shall constitute a quorum competent to transact business, and each landowner present shall be entitled to one vote for each acre of land in the district of which the landowner is at the time the record owner. All meetings shall be organized by selecting a chairperson and secretary. The secretary shall certify all proceedings taken and file the same with the county court of the county within five days after any meeting.


The advisory board shall assist the superintendent with its advice and counsel concerning the necessity of work and the manner thereof and in the repair and maintenance of the dikes and dams in the district. The members of the advisory board shall hold office until the next annual meeting and until their successors are elected and qualified.


There shall be an annual meeting of the landowners of the district on the first Monday in November of each year at 11 a.m., at which time, or at an adjourned meeting thereof, three landowners of the district shall be chosen for the advisory board, and a superintendent shall be nominated for the next calendar year, whose selection shall be certified to the county court on or before January 1 each year. The county court shall appoint for superintendent of dikes in each district the person so nominated by the landowners. Should the district fail to file with the county court a certificate of the nomination of a superintendent, then the county court shall make its own selection from the landowners in the district and appoint the superintendent. In either case the superintendent shall serve until the next annual appointment and until a successor is appointed, subject to removal by the court for neglect of duty, incapacity or other good cause. In case of vacancy in the superintendent’s office the county court may, on consultation with the advisory board, fill the vacancy until the next annual selection.

Source: Section 551.090 — Meetings of landowners; procedure; selection of advisory board and superintendent, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors551.­html.

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