Regulation of Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Services Providers

ORS 682.035
Application of ORS chapter 682

ORS 820.330 (Failure to make, maintain and make available ambulance records) to 820.380 (Illegal ambulance or emergency vehicle sirens) and this chapter do not apply to:


Ambulances owned by or operated, and emergency medical service providers who operate, under the control of the United States Government.


Vehicles being used to render temporary assistance in the case of a major catastrophe or emergency with which the ambulance services of the surrounding locality are unable to cope, or when directed to be used to render temporary assistance by an official at the scene of an accident.


Vehicles operated solely on private property or within the confines of institutional grounds, whether or not the incidental crossing of any highway through the property or grounds is involved.


Vehicles operated by lumber industries solely for the transportation of lumber industry employees.


Any person who drives or attends a patient, if the patient is transported in a vehicle described in subsections (2) to (4) of this section.


Any person who otherwise by license is authorized to attend patients. [Formerly 823.030; 2007 c.70 §310; 2019 c.456 §52]


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