Regulation of Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Services Providers

ORS 682.245
Scope of practice of emergency medical services providers

  • qualifications of supervising physician
  • rules


The Oregon Medical Board shall adopt by rule a scope of practice for each level of emergency medical services provider established by the Oregon Health Authority pursuant to ORS 682.017 (Rules).


The board shall adopt by rule standards for the qualifications and responsibilities of supervising physicians.


The standing orders for emergency medical services providers may not exceed the scope of practice defined by the board.


An emergency medical services provider may not provide patient care or treatment without written authorization and standing orders from a supervising physician who has been approved by the board.


The policies and procedures for applying and enforcing this section may be delegated in whole or in part to the authority. [Formerly 823.205; 1997 c.751 §9; 2009 c.595 §1088; 2011 c.703 §17]


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