ORS 689.151
Board control over licensing, standards and discipline

The State Board of Pharmacy shall be responsible for the control and regulation of the practice of pharmacy in this state including, but not limited to, the following:


The licensing by examination or by reciprocity of applicants who are qualified to engage in the practice of pharmacy under the provisions of this chapter;


The renewal of licenses to engage in the practice of pharmacy;


The determination and issuance of standards based on nationally recognized standards of practice and accreditation criteria for recognition and approval of schools and colleges of pharmacy whose graduates shall be eligible for licensure in this state, and the specification and enforcement of requirements for practical training, including internship;


The enforcement of those provisions of this chapter relating to the conduct or competence of pharmacists practicing in this state, and the suspension, revocation or restriction of licenses to engage in the practice of pharmacy;


The training, qualifications and employment of pharmacy interns; and


The licensing of pharmacy technicians. [Formerly 689.245; 2001 c.595 §1; 2005 c.313 §10]

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