ORS 689.655
Power to administer drugs and devices

  • rules

A pharmacist may administer a drug or device if the pharmacist is acting:


Under the direction of or pursuant to a lawful prescription or order issued by a licensed practitioner acting within the scope of the practitioner’s practice; and


In accordance with the rules adopted by the State Board of Pharmacy regarding the administration of drugs and devices. [1999 c.350 §3e; 2009 c.326 §5]
Note: Section 3f, chapter 350, Oregon Laws 1999, provides:
Sec. 3f. Nothing in this 1999 Act shall be construed to allow a pharmacist to prescribe drugs or to dispense or administer any drug or device that requires a prescription without a prescription or order of a practitioner authorized to prescribe drugs. [1999 c.350 §3f]


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