ORS 689.564
Language requirements for prescription drug labels

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  • interpretation and translation services
  • rules


The State Board of Pharmacy shall adopt rules to require that, if a patient is of limited English proficiency and the prescribing practitioner, patient or an authorized representative of the patient so requests, a prescription drug dispensed by a pharmacy bear a label in both English and in the language requested and, if authorized by the board by rule, include an informational insert in both English and the language requested. The rules adopted under this section must:


Define “limited English proficiency.”


Determine the pharmacies to which the requirements of this section apply, and include at least retail drug outlets and other drug outlets that dispense prescription drugs.


Determine for which prescription drugs it is appropriate to include an informational insert in addition to the label. In adopting rules under this paragraph, the board shall consider the complexity and length of the directions for use of the prescription drug.


(A) Require that labels and informational inserts be available in at least 14 languages other than English that are spoken in Oregon by individuals who are of limited English proficiency, as determined by the most recent American Community Survey from the United States Census Bureau and in consultation with the Oregon Health Authority and other necessary resources.


Require the board to reassess, and update as necessary, the languages described in this paragraph at least once every 10 years, in consultation with the authority and other stakeholders.


(a) A pharmacy may contract with a third party for the translation of the labels and informational inserts required under subsection (1) of this section.


A pharmacy, pharmacist or pharmacy intern that dispenses a prescription drug in compliance with the requirements of subsection (1) of this section may not be held liable for injuries resulting from the actions of a third party if the pharmacy from which the label or informational insert was dispensed entered into a contract with the third party in good faith, and the pharmacy, pharmacist or pharmacy intern was not negligent with regard to the alleged misconduct of the third party.


This section does not apply to an institutional drug outlet.


The board may adopt other rules as necessary to carry out this section.


The board shall, in consultation with the Oregon Health Authority, adopt rules to require that a pharmacy post signage to provide notification of the right to free, competent oral interpretation and translation services for patients who are of limited English proficiency. Rules adopted under this subsection must comply with any relevant federal laws and regulations. [2019 c.465 §2]
Note: 689.564 (Language requirements for prescription drug labels) becomes operative January 1, 2021. See section 4, chapter 465, Oregon Laws 2019.
Chapter 689

Notes of Decisions

Board of Pharmacy had authority to adopt rule making drug ephedrine available by prescription only. Northwest Connection v. Board of Pharmacy, 108 Or App 320, 814 P2d 191 (1991)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Authority of board to require retail price list of prescription drugs, (1975) Vol 37, p 345; hospital policy requiring pharmacy department to substitute therapeutically equivalent but not generically identical drugs, (1979) Vol 40, p 145; licensing requirements for hospital technicians employed by state correctional facilities, (1987) Vol 45, p 188


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