Cosmetic Professionals

ORS 690.155
Board of Cosmetology


There is established within the Health Licensing Office the Board of Cosmetology consisting of seven members appointed by the Governor. At all times the membership of the board shall be so constituted that:


Six members of the board shall be practitioners with active certificates.


One member shall be a public member who is not a practitioner.


The term of office of each member of the board is four years, but a member serves at the pleasure of the Governor. Vacancies shall be filled by the Governor by appointment for the unexpired term. A member shall hold the member’s office until the appointment and qualification of a successor. A member is eligible for reappointment. If a person serves two consecutive full terms, a period of at least four years must elapse before the person is again eligible for appointment to serve on the board.


The Director of the Health Licensing Office, or a designated representative, shall serve as an ex officio member of the board but without the right to vote. [1977 c.886 §14; 1983 c.151 §13; 1987 c.414 §84; 1999 c.425 §17; 1999 c.885 §20; 2005 c.648 §59; 2009 c.701 §40; 2013 c.314 §42; 2013 c.568 §86]


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