Administration and General Provisions

ORS 731.164
“Home protection insurance,” “home protection insurer”


(a) “Home protection insurance” means that part of casualty insurance that includes only insurance which undertakes to perform or provide repair or replacement service or indemnification therefor for the operational or structural failure of the insured home, components of the home or personal property relating to the home or its components, and does not include protection against consequential damage from the operational or structural failure.


(A) “Home protection insurance” does not include a home service agreement.


As used in this paragraph, “home service agreement” means a contract or agreement for a specific limited duration to:


Service, repair or replace in an existing home the mechanical or appliance system or the components that break down due to normal wear and tear or inherent defects; or


Provide incidental service, repair or replacement to cover leaks and failures in roofing systems.


As used in this subsection, “home” means a single living unit or multiple living units, including manufactured dwellings, used primarily as residences.


“Home protection insurer” means an insurer under policies of home protection insurance, other than an insurer transacting other forms of casualty insurance or any form of reinsurance. [1981 c.247 §4; 2003 c.283 §1]
Chapter 731

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Vehicle service contracts sold to purchasers by motorcycle and motor vehicle dealers as constituting sale of insurance, (1978) Vol 38, p 2218


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