Trade Practices

ORS 746.160
Practices injurious to free competition

Except as otherwise expressly provided by law, no person, either within or outside of this state, directly or indirectly, shall enter into any contract, understanding or combination with any insurer or manager, agent or representative thereof for the purpose of, nor shall any such persons or insurers, jointly or severally do any act or engage in any practice for the purpose of:


Controlling the rates to be charged, or the commissions or other compensations to be paid, for insuring any risk or class of risks in this state;


Discriminating against or differentiating from any insurer, manager or agent, by reason of the plan or method of transacting business or the affiliation or nonaffiliation with any board or association of insurers, managers, agents or representatives; or


Doing anything which is detrimental to free competition in the business or injurious to the insuring public. [Formerly 736.615]


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