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ORS 802.320
Motorcycle safety program

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In addition to any duties under ORS 802.310 (Transportation safety programs), the Department of Transportation, in consultation with the Transportation Safety Committee, shall establish a motorcycle safety program that complies with this section to the extent moneys are available for such program from the Motorcycle Safety Subaccount under ORS 802.340 (Transportation Safety Account). The program established may include the following:


Motorcycle safety promotion and public education.


The development of training sites for courses approved by the department to teach safe and proper operation of motorcycles and mopeds.


Classroom instruction and actual driving instruction necessary to teach safe and proper operation of motorcycles and mopeds.


The development of a mobile training unit.


The acquisition of films and equipment that may be loaned to the public for the encouragement of motorcycle and moped safety.


Advice and assistance, including monetary assistance, for motorcycle safety programs operated by government or nongovernment organizations.


Other education or safety programs the department determines will help promote the safe operation of motorcycles and mopeds, promote safe and lawful driving habits, assist in accident prevention and reduce the need for intensive highway policing.


Subject to the State Personnel Relations Law under ORS chapter 240, the department shall employ such employees as the department determines necessary to carry out the purposes of this section to:


Advise and assist motorcycle safety programs in this state.


Act as a liaison between government agencies and advisory committees and interested motorcyclist groups.


The department may provide for the performance of training and other functions of the program established under this section by contracting with any private or public organizations or entities the department determines appropriate to achieve the purposes of this section. The organizations the department may contract with under this subsection include, but are not limited to, nonprofit private organizations, private organizations that are operated for profit, public or private schools, community colleges or public agencies or political subdivision.


The department may charge a fee for services provided under the program established under this section. Any fee charged by the department under this subsection must be established by rule and may not be in an amount that will discourage persons from participating in safety programs offered by the department under this section. [1985 c.16 §442; 1989 c.427 §3; 1991 c.453 §8; 2015 c.138 §22]


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