ORS 802.500
Authority for reciprocal registration agreements

  • permitted provisions
  • requirements
  • limitations

The Director of Transportation may enter into agreements with the duly authorized representatives of any jurisdiction that issues registration to establish reciprocal privileges or registration exemptions for vehicles as described in this section. All of the following apply to an agreement established under the authority granted by this section:


An agreement may establish any of the following benefits, privileges and exemptions with respect to the operation of commercial or noncommercial vehicles in this state:


For purposes of ORS 803.305 (Exemptions from general registration requirements) exemptions from registration and payment, wholly or partially, of any vehicle or registration fees.


Privileges relating to vehicles used by persons with disabilities.


Privileges relating to vehicle parking.


Privileges relating to vehicle dealers.


Privileges, exemptions or benefits relating to farm vehicles or implements of husbandry.


Privileges relating to persons commercially transporting vehicles.


Any similar privileges, benefits or exemptions relating to the operation of vehicles.


Privileges, benefits or exemptions relating to the registration of fleets of vehicles.


An agreement shall only grant the privileges, benefits and exemptions to a vehicle or the owner of a vehicle if the vehicle is any of the following:


Registered in the jurisdiction where the person registering the vehicle has a legal residence.


A commercial vehicle registered in a jurisdiction where the commercial enterprise in which the vehicle is used has a place of business. To qualify under this paragraph the vehicle must be assigned to the place of business and the place of business must be the place from which or in which the vehicle is most frequently dispatched, garaged, serviced, maintained, operated or otherwise controlled.


A commercial vehicle registered in a jurisdiction where the vehicle has been registered because of an agreement between two jurisdictions or a declaration issued by any jurisdiction.


An agreement shall retain the right of the Department of Transportation to make the final determination as to the proper place of registration of a vehicle when there is a dispute or doubt concerning the proper place of registration. An agreement shall retain the right of the department to confer with the departments of other jurisdictions affected when making a determination under this subsection.


An agreement shall not provide for any benefit, exemption or privilege with respect to fuel taxes, use fuel taxes, weight mile taxes or any other fees or taxes levied or assessed against the use of highways or use or ownership of vehicles except registration taxes, fees and requirements.


An agreement must provide that any vehicle registered in this state will receive a similar kind or degree of exemptions, benefits and privileges when operated in another jurisdiction that is party to the agreement as vehicles registered in the other jurisdiction receive when operated in this state.


An agreement, in the judgment of the director, shall be in the best interest of this state and its citizens, shall be fair and equitable to this state and its citizens and shall be determined on the basis and recognition of benefits that accrue to the economy of this state from the uninterrupted flow of commerce.


An agreement may authorize a vehicle that would otherwise be required to be registered in one jurisdiction to be registered in another jurisdiction without losing any benefit, exemption or privilege under the agreement if the vehicle is operated from a base located in the other jurisdiction.


An agreement may allow the lessee or lessor of a vehicle, subject to the terms and conditions of the lease to receive benefits, exemptions and privileges under the agreement.


An agreement may authorize the department to suspend or cancel any exceptions, benefits or privileges granted to any person under the agreement if the person violates any of the terms or conditions of the agreement or violates any law or rule of this state relating to vehicles.


All agreements shall be in writing and filed with the department within 10 days after execution or the effective date of the agreement, whichever is later.


An agreement may be a limited type agreement with any state bordering this state as described in this subsection. An agreement described under this subsection is subject to all of the following:


The benefits, exemptions and privileges under the agreement shall only be extended to vehicles or a class of vehicles as specified in the agreement.


The agreement shall be applicable only within an area in each state that is situated along the boundary between the states and that is substantially equal in size.


The usage permitted of the vehicles in the two areas shall be as substantially equal as may be practicable.


The areas and usage subject to the agreement shall be described in the agreement.


Proportional registration shall not be required under the agreement.


The agreement shall comply with other mandatory provisions of this section and may contain any other provisions described under this section.


A vehicle operating under the agreement may be required to obtain a permit under ORS 803.610 (Reciprocity permits).


An agreement may require the display or submission of evidence of registration for any vehicle operating under the agreement. [1983 c.338 §142; 1985 c.16 §43; 1985 c.668 §3; 1993 c.174 §2; 2007 c.70 §323]

Source: Section 802.500 — Authority for reciprocal registration agreements; permitted provisions; requirements; limitations, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors802.­html.

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