Vehicle Equipment Generally

ORS 815.107
Exemption from equipment requirements for street rods

A vehicle of special interest that is a street rod is exempt from vehicle equipment requirements under ORS 815.075 (Selling vehicles or equipment that violates rules), 815.105 (Exemptions from equipment requirements), 815.120 (Exemptions from emblem requirements), 815.135 (Exemptions from brake requirements), 815.175 (Exemptions from pneumatic tire requirement), 815.190 (Exemptions from mudguard and fender requirements), 815.210 (Operation of vehicle without approved material in windows), 815.215 (Failure to have windshield wipers), 815.230 (Violation of sound equipment requirements), 815.250 (Operation without proper exhaust system), 815.255 (Operation of vehicle for hire without speedometer) and 816.340 (Exemptions from required equipment) if all of the following apply:


The vehicle is equipped with original manufacturer’s equipment and accessories, or their equivalent, except that:


The drive train, suspension system or brake system on the original vehicle may be replaced with a drive train, suspension system or brake system that:


Conforms to the requirements of ORS 815.125 (Requirements and standards), if applicable;


Conforms to applicable standards established by the Department of Transportation by rule under ORS 815.030 (State vehicle equipment standards); and


Bears any required proof of certification that the equipment complies with the applicable standards;


The dimensions of the original body of the vehicle may be altered if the altered body conforms to the standards established by the department by rule under ORS 815.030 (State vehicle equipment standards);


The hood, bumpers and fenders of the vehicle may be removed from the vehicle; and


The exhaust system may be modified to discharge exhaust along the side of the vehicle if the exhaust is discharged away from the vehicle and from a location to the rear of the rear edge of the front door of the vehicle.


The vehicle is maintained in safe operating condition. [1997 c.402 §5; 1999 c.59 §243]


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