Destroyed, Totaled, Abandoned, Low-Value and Stolen Vehicles

ORS 819.100
Abandoning a vehicle

  • penalty


A person commits the offense of abandoning a vehicle if the person abandons a vehicle upon a highway or upon any public or private property.


The owner of the vehicle as shown by the records of the Department of Transportation shall be considered responsible for the abandonment of a vehicle in the manner prohibited by this section and shall be liable for the cost of towing and disposition of the abandoned vehicle.


A vehicle abandoned in violation of this section is subject to the provisions for towing and sale of abandoned vehicles under ORS 819.110 (Custody, towing and sale or disposal of abandoned vehicle) to 819.215 (Disposal of vehicle appraised at $500 or less).


The offense described in this section, abandoning a vehicle, is a Class B traffic violation. [1983 c.338 §677; 1995 c.758 §7; 2009 c.371 §5]
(Custody and Towing)

Notes of Decisions

Under former similar statute

This section is not designed to cover situation where vehicle is rendered inoperative due to accident. Calvert v. Ourum, 40 Or App 511, 595 P2d 1264 (1979)


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