Destroyed, Totaled, Abandoned, Low-Value and Stolen Vehicles

ORS 819.482
Acting as vehicle appraiser without certificate

  • penalty


A person commits the offense of acting as a vehicle appraiser without a certificate if the person does not hold a vehicle appraiser certificate issued under ORS 819.480 (Vehicle appraiser certificate) and the person, for consideration, issues an opinion as to the value of a vehicle.


This section does not apply to:


A person who holds a vehicle dealer certificate issued or renewed under ORS 822.020 (Issuance of certificate) or 822.040 (Privileges granted by certificate) and who appraises vehicles in the operation of the vehicle dealer’s business;


A person from another jurisdiction who holds a vehicle appraiser certificate requiring qualifications substantially similar to qualifications required for the certification of a vehicle appraiser in this state;


An insurance adjuster authorized to do business under ORS 744.515 (Exemptions from adjuster licensing requirement) or 744.521 (Powers of director to issue, renew, amend, suspend and reinstate licenses); or


A person licensed or certified to appraise real estate under ORS 674.310 (Duties and powers of board) and who appraises the value of manufactured structures.


The offense described in this section, acting as a vehicle appraiser without a certificate, is a Class A violation. [2007 c.630 §2; 2019 c.151 §42]


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