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ORS 98.859
Maximum rates for towing

  • process for complaints
  • exceptions


Each city or county may establish the maximum rates that a tower may charge for towing a motor vehicle, and for all related services for towing a motor vehicle, in response to a request for towing of a vehicle parked within the city or county that is made by a person other than the owner or operator of the motor vehicle. The rates for related services include charges for hookup, storage, gas mileage, pictures, unlocking the motor vehicle and any other services reasonably related to towing as determined by the city or county. Rates established by a city or county under this subsection apply in all portions of the city or county.


When establishing the maximum rates under this section, the city or county shall take into consideration the size of the motor vehicle towed and the distance traveled by the tower from the location of the motor vehicle to a storage facility.


Each city or county that establishes maximum rates under this section shall also establish a process by which the city or county will receive and respond to complaints relating to violations of this section.


If a city establishes the maximum rates under this section, the county rates do not apply to towing a vehicle that is parked within the boundaries of that city and the tower is required to comply with only the city’s established maximum rates. [2013 c.691 §3]


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