Lost, Unclaimed or Abandoned Property

ORS 98.862
Exceptions to requirements of ORS 98.856

A tower need not provide the written information required under ORS 98.856 (Tower responsibility of disclosure to owner or operator of vehicle) if:


The motor vehicle is towed from a parking facility where the tower has provided the information on signs that are clearly readable by an operator of a motor vehicle in each parking stall or at each entrance to the parking facility.


The tower is hired or otherwise engaged by an agency taking custody of a vehicle under ORS 819.140 (Agencies having authority to take vehicle into custody).


The tower tows the motor vehicle under a prenegotiated payment agreement between the tower and a motor vehicle road service company or an insurance company.


The tower is hired or otherwise engaged by a business entity at the request of the owner or operator of the motor vehicle to tow the motor vehicle. [2007 c.538 §7]


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