Rule Rule 123-043-0015
Eligible Project Costs and Activities- Water Projects

Eligible costs include the reasonable costs as determined by the Authority for eligible water projects owned and operated either by the municipality or under a management contract or an operating agreement with the municipality and may include:
(1) Water project development costs including but not limited to costs associated with design and engineering, architectural and planning work, permitting, environmental review, regulatory processes, public outreach, community engagement, technical assistance and support activities necessary to support the construction of a project;
(2) Construction, improvement or expansion of drinking water projects including all facilities necessary for source, supply, filtration, treatment, storage, transmission, and metering;
(3) Construction, improvement or expansion of wastewater system improvement projects including all facilities necessary for collecting, conveying, pumping, treating and disposing of sanitary sewage, including correction of infiltration and inflow through replacement of lines, sliplining, or other corrective processes;
(4) Construction, improvement or expansion of storm drainage systems including all facilities necessary for controlling, collecting, conveying, treating and discharging of stormwater;
(5) The acquisition of real property directly related to or necessary for the proposed water project;
(6) Construction contingencies for the water project;
(7) Financing costs associated with the department’s financing including capitalized interest, issuance and debt service reserve costs, when such costs are incurred in funding a project;
(8) Costs incurred by the municipality prior to a water project award if such costs are allowable under the department’s adopted policy for reimbursement of pre-award costs; and
(9) Direct project management costs as defined in ORS 285B.560 (Definitions for ORS 285B.560 to 285B.599)(1).
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Aug. 7, 2020