Rule Rule 123-043-0041
Criteria and Limitations for Funding — Technical Assistance Projects


Awards are available to municipalities with populations of less than 15,000 people for technical assistance. If the project is for a facility plan or study required by a regulatory agency, the municipality is not required to document non-compliance. Other Technical Assistance projects may be considered after consulting with and receiving documentation of non-compliance from the regulatory agency.


Technical assistance grants and loans are subject to the following limitations:


A grant of up to $20,000 per water, sewer, and storm drainage system may be awarded once every three (3) years for a project;


A loan of up to $60,000 may be awarded for a project. Interest shall be at 50 percent of the annual interest rate for other loans made in accordance with the requirements of this OAR chapter 123, division 43. The loan term shall not exceed seven years;


Pre-award expenses are not eligible for reimbursement;


No more than $600,000 shall be expended from the fund on technical assistance in any biennium. When awarding a grant under this section the Authority will not first consider a municipalitys ability to repay a loan; and


The application must meet the requirements listed in OAR 123-043-0075(2).


The loan shall be a full faith and credit obligation which is payable from any taxes which the municipality may levy within the limitations of Article XI of the Oregon Constitution and all legally available revenues and other funds of the municipality. A pledge of specific revenues of the municipality may be pledged in addition to the foregoing.
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