Rule Rule 123-043-0041
Criteria and Limitations for Funding — Technical Assistance Projects

(1) Technical assistance awards are available to municipalities with populations of 15,000 or less.
(2) The Authority may make technical assistance awards for:
(a) Water Master Plans or Wastewater Facility Plans;
(b) Preliminary engineering or planning; legal, financial, and economic investigations, reports and studies to determine the feasibility of a project, if the Authority determines there is adequate documentation from a regulatory authority recognized by the Authority as having responsibility for the protection of water quality or the supply of clean drinking water that shows the technical assistance project is needed; or
(c) Studies to assess the feasibility of regionalization of drinking water or wastewater infrastructure.
(3) Pre-award expenses are not eligible for reimbursement.
(4) When the Authority determines funds are limited, it will apply the following criteria when selecting technical assistance project to receive funding:
(a) A preference for technical assistance projects located within rural economically distressed areas as defined by the Oregon Business Development Department;


A preference for technical assistance projects to address documented non-compliance;
(c) A preference for technical assistance projects related to water project regionalization; and
(d) A preference for partnerships and collaborative technical assistance projects.
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