Rule Rule 123-043-0075
Application Review and Approval


For a non-technical assistance project, the Authority must make the following determinations:


The municipality shall document that a professional engineer registered in the State of Oregon has certified in an engineering report, such as a Master Plan, that the proposed project is feasible, is the most cost effective solution, and adequately serves the applicable land uses in both the short and long term;


The loan is secured by the pledge of utility revenues or other revenues or payments from owners of specially benefited properties, and these revenues or payments are sufficient, when considered with other security, to assure repayment of the loan and the municipality has certified to the Authority that there will be adequate funds available to repay the loans made to the municipality from the fund;


Moneys in the appropriate accounts of the fund are or will be available for the project;


The municipality is willing and able to enter into a contract with the Authority;


The project is consistent with the requirements governing assistance from the fund. If the Authority determines that the municipality or the proposed project does not meet the requirements of this OAR 123-043-0075, the Authority may reject an application or require further documentation from the municipality; and


The project is ready to begin and the municipality has committed in writing that, if awarded the assistance it shall proceed immediately.


To award assistance from the fund for a technical assistance project, the Authority must make the following determinations:


The technical assistance activities must be for a project that is eligible under the criteria listed in 123-043-0041; and


The municipality has, or has demonstrated the ability to secure, the administrative capacity to undertake and complete the project.
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