Rule Rule 123-043-0035
Criteria and Limitations for Funding — Non-Technical Assistance Projects


The intent of the Legislature was to provide funding to municipalities to assist in complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act. Therefore, priority will be given to projects necessary to ensure that municipal water and wastewater systems comply with the requirements of:


Drinking water quality standards administered by the Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Services; or


Water quality statutes, rules, orders, or permits administered by DEQ or the Environmental Quality Commission.


If a municipal water or wastewater system has not been issued a notice of non-compliance by the governing regulatory authority, the Authority may determine that a proposed project is eligible for assistance upon a finding that one of the following has been met:


The Authority deems it reasonable and prudent that an award from the fund will assist in bringing the drinking water, storm water or wastewater system into compliance with the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, those requirements proposed to take effect within the next two years, or the requirements of other regulatory agencies recognized by the Authority as having responsibility for the protection of water quality and the supply of clean drinking water; or


A recent letter has been issued by the appropriate regulatory authority, typically the Department of Human Services Drinking Water Program, DEQ, or its contracted agent, which indicates a high probability that the system owner will soon be notified of non-compliance with either the Safe Drinking Water Act or the Clean Water Act.


The Authority generally will not fund projects without the conditions of 123-043-0035(2) being met.


The project must be consistent with the acknowledged local comprehensive plan.


The Authority encourages regionalization whenever feasible.


The Authority encourages asset management planning where possible.


The Authority will apply approved prioritization utilizing criteria listed in this section when reviewing project information contained in project notification intake form.
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Jan. 19, 2020