Rule Rule 123-089-0030
Objectives, Priorities and Programs

(1) The objectives of the Fund are to help create new jobs and companies, diversify Oregon’s economy and bring federal research dollars back to the state. Oregon InC is a public-private partnership that advises the Department on how best to design programs and provide funding to accomplish the Fund’s objectives. Oregon InC will identify certain industry sectors as priorities for the programs and funding. Moneys in the Fund are deployed via programs that are described in subsequent sections.
(2) The Department and Oregon InC will dedicate the Fund to one or more programs that support the Fund’s objectives. These programs may provide funding as grants or investments. All programs will be designed and administered in accordance with these rules and are primarily intended to support Oregon InC’s industry focus areas:
(a) Active lifestyle (digital health, apparel & outdoor gear and wearable technology)
(b) Advanced manufacturing (metals/advanced materials, chemicals/processes and bioscience)
(c) Clean technology
(d) Natural Resources (agricultural technology, wood products, and food & beverage)
(3) Oregon InC will periodically evaluate its list of industry focus areas to determine if the list remains appropriate or needs adjustment based on current conditions. Similarly, Oregon InC will periodically evaluate programs supported by the Fund to determine if they continue to meet the Fund’s objectives or require changes to, additions of or cancellation of programs to achieve those objectives. The following sections describe the major Oregon InC programs that have received moneys from the Fund in recent years.
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