Rule Rule 123-089-0030
Objectives and Priorities

The Department and Oregon InC will dedicate a portion of the Fund to issue grants that support the growth of emerging, potentially high-value industry sectors. The funding will support discrete projects, called High Impact Opportunity Projects that will remove barriers to growth or increase capacity of an industry sector. These grants are to be awarded in accordance with the intent of the Innovation Plan developed by Oregon InC every biennium. Oregon InC has identified three industry sectors as priorities: Active Lifestyle (digital health, apparel & outdoor gear and wearable technology); Advanced Manufacturing (metals/advanced materials, chemicals/processes and bioscience); and Natural Resources (agricultural technology, wood products, and food & beverage). In addition, Oregon InC identified high tech and data/analytics as priorities for funding that cut across these sectors. In accordance with these rules, the Department will issue one or more requests for proposal for HIOP grants with defined periods for submission.
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Jan. 19, 2020