OAR 123-089-0050
Application and Proposal Review and Evaluation Approval

(1) Oregon InC may issue calls for applications or proposals for programs deploying moneys from the Fund. If applications are requested, the Department will issue an application form and program guidelines for applicants to follow. If requests for proposals are issued, the Department will issue a formal request with timelines, proposal requirements, criteria, eligible uses of funds and any other information necessary for an organization to submit a responsive proposal.
(2) The Department will review applications and proposals to determine whether they are complete and the proposer and the project are eligible for program funds.
(3) If an individual applicant or proposer, an organization submitting an application or proposal, or a project is determined to be ineligible, the Department will notify the applicant or proposer that the application or proposal is ineligible.
(4) The Department may deem an application or proposal ineligible if the:
(a) Applicant, proposer or project fails to meet program eligibility requirements,
(b) Applicant or proposer fails to provide requested information in writing by the date required by the Department; or
(c) Application or proposal contains false or misleading information.
(5) The Director will consider protests of the eligibility determination. Only the affected applicant or proposer may protest. Protests must be submitted in writing to the Director within 30 days of the date the applicant or proposer was notified of being ineligible. The Director’s decision is final.
(6) The Department will coordinate with Oregon InC to evaluate applications and proposals using the criteria listed in section 123-089-0040 (Eligibility and Criteria for Funding) and any other relevant information. Oregon InC may delegate authority to Department staff and/or to a review committee comprised of Oregon InC members and/or selected other experts to review eligible applications and proposals and recommend applications and proposals for funding. Oregon InC may allow this delegated group to make recommendations to the Department directly or to Oregon InC. Each delegated group will provide a report to Oregon InC at its next quarterly meeting on the group’s activities and any recommendations or rejections. If Oregon InC reviews the recommendations, Oregon InC may approve the recommendation as is, approve some of the recommendation or reject it entirely.
(a) If Oregon InC approves the recommendation as is, Oregon InC will forward the recommendation to the Department.
(b) If Oregon InC rejects some or all of the recommendation, Oregon InC will inform the Department of the approved portion of the recommendation, if any, as well as a brief explanation of the reason(s) for rejecting some or all of the recommendation.
(7) The Director approves grant awards based on Oregon InC’s recommendation. The Director’s funding decisions are final.

Source: Rule 123-089-0050 — Application and Proposal Review and Evaluation Approval, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=123-089-0050.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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