OAR 123-089-0070
Audit Committee

Oregon InC will establish an audit and accountability committee (Audit Committee) that shall monitor performance of larger council grants. The Audit Committee will provide oversight of any projects or signature research centers that receive funding of over $150,000. If a signature research center or an organization managing a project does not achieve its goals, the Department and Audit Committee will work with the organization to determine the cause(s) and identify action(s) to be taken to address the cause(s). If the actions are insufficient or unsuccessful, the Audit Committee can recommend to Oregon InC to reduce or eliminate funding for a project or signature research center or require funding be repurposed for a different activity. Oregon InC will evaluate the Audit Committee’s recommendation and either approve the recommendation and forward it to the Department or work with the Audit Committee and the Department to revise the recommendation. The Director will decide about any repurposing, reduction or elimination of funding. The Director’s decision is final.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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