Rule Rule 123-089-0040
Project and Proposer Eligibility, Criteria


To be eligible to receive an award, project objectives must be designed to benefit more than an individual business in a Traded Sector Industry and either;


establish a partnership between industry and research institutions, or


the commercialization of technology or research and related development in Oregon.


To be eligible to receive an award, organizations must be located in Oregon.


The following criteria will be used to evaluate project proposals:


Leverage This includes funding and other resources from the industry sector, project collaborators or other sources. It also includes the use of university research, economic development activities or legislative initiatives as part of the foundation for the investment.


Uniquely attributable links to Oregon This includes geographic advantages or other attributes unique to Oregon, as well as any link to one of Oregons existing, strong industry sectors.


Level of impact derived from Oregon InCs investment The use of a relatively small amount of Oregon InC dollars will have significant returns for the industry sectors.


Ability to scale into significant jobs and/or revenue Job impacts of projects will be evaluated for their medium to long term potential.


Broad impacts Projects will be evaluated for their location, geographic scope of their impacts as well as impacts on all income levels.
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Jan. 19, 2020