OAR 123-475-0005

The words and phrases used in these rules have the same meaning given them in ORS 276.073 (Definitions for ORS 276.073 to 276.090). In addition, as used in these rules, unless the context requires otherwise:


“Architect” means the person or firm (architect, landscape architect, interior designer, or other design professional) designing the project to which the 1% provision applies.


“Artist” means a practitioner in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and peers as a professional of serious intent, who produces Works of Art and who is not the Project Architect.


“Capitol Area” means the area defined in ORS 276.028.


“Contracting Agency” means the state agency authorized by law to enter into public contracts.


“Deaccession” means removal of a work of art from the public collection as described in OAR 190-020-0080.


“Designated Agencies” means the Oregon Arts Commission, Department of Administrative Services and, for project located outside of the Capitol Area, the Contracting Agency.


“Program” means the 1% for art program described in ORS 276.073 (Definitions for ORS 276.073 to 276.090) to 276.090 (State agencies to determine art work acquisitions).


“Project” means the construction or alteration of a State Building that costs $100,000 or more.


"Resident Agency means the state agency or agencies that will occupy or otherwise use State Building. The Resident Agency may be the Contracting Agency.


“State Building” means any structure built or remodeled by the State of Oregon using legislatively appropriated monies except those excluded in the definition of state building in ORS 276.073 (Definitions for ORS 276.073 to 276.090). “State Building” does not include a building leased by a state agency, unless under a lease-purchase agreement or under any other agreement whereby ultimate state ownership is contemplated or expected.


“Works of Art” means all forms of original creations of visual art, including and not limited to:


Painting: all media, including both portable and permanently-affixed works such as murals.


Sculpture: in the round, bas-relief, high relief, mobile, fountain, kinetic, electronic, and site specific works placed on public lands in any material or combination of materials.


Visual art comprising other two- and three- dimensional media including but not limited to prints, clay, drawings, stained glass, mosaics, photography, fiber and textiles, wood, metal, plastics and other materials or combination of materials, calligraphy, mixed media, film, video, or any combination of forms of media and documented time-based works or installations.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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