OAR 123-475-0035

Appropriations under ORS 276.080 (One percent of moneys for construction or alteration of state buildings to be used for acquisition of art works) for the Program may be spent for:


The Work of Art itself which may include but is not limited to:


Artist’s professional fee;


Labor of assistants;


Materials required for production of the Work of Art;


Professional services such as engineering and fabrication necessary to create or install the Work of Art;


Artist’s studio and operating costs of the artist, including rent, utilities, insurance, and other direct and indirect costs;


Travel costs for the Artist for site visitation and research;


Transportation of the Work of Art to the site;


Installation of the completed Work of Art;


Documentation of the work in progress or completed Work of Art;


Contractual services for professionals engaged to install, maintain or clean Works of Art, and for conservation, restoration, project management or photography.


Identification plaques, labels, and other such educational materials that promote and accurately credit the Artist(s) or project.


Waterworks and electrical and mechanical devices, equipment and site work which are integral parts of the Work of Art.


Frames, mats or pedestals necessary for the security of the Work of Art.


Anchorages, containments and devices necessary for the security of the Work of Art.


Works of Art which may be an integral part of the building.


Expenses described in OAR 190-020-0055(3).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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