OAR 123-475-0040

Appropriations for the Program may not be spent for:


Reproductions, by mechanical or other means, of original Works of Art.


Decorative, ornamental, or functional elements that are designed by the Architect or consultants engaged by the Architect, as opposed to an Artist commissioned for this purpose.


“Art objects” which are mass produced of standard design.


Directional or other functional elements such as supergraphics, signage, color coding, maps, or other similar elements, except where an Artist is employed to produce them and has primary creative control over the Final Art.


Those items which are required to fulfill the basic purpose of the Resident Agency. Examples would be works of art in the collection of a state museum, or Works of Art fulfilling an interpretive or educational role in a state park, the state library, or a college or university art museum or gallery.


Preparation of the site necessary to receive the Work of Art, including, but not limited to, structural reinforcement, landscaping and utility service to the site, except to the extent the Work of Art is integrated into the structure or site and costs related to construction budget. Any such inclusion of costs for the Work of Art in the construction budget or costs of site preparation included in the art budget must be negotiated among the Designated Agencies and approved by the Oregon Arts Commission.


Energy and water costs for operation of electrical and mechanical systems.


Architect services to comply with OAR 123-475-0050 (Responsibilities)(3)(d).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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