OAR 125-248-0100


In addition to the general requirements set forth in division 246 of these Rules, the Rules in this division 248 apply to:


The screening and selection of Architects, Engineers, Photogrammetrists, Transportation Planners, Land Surveyors, and Providers of Related Services under Contracts, and set forth the procedures through which Authorized Agencies select Consultants to perform Architectural, Engineering, Photogrammetric Mapping, Transportation Planning and Land Surveying Services or Related Services; and


Two-tiered procedures for selection of Architects, Engineers, Photogrammetrists, Transportation Planners, Land Surveyors and Providers of Related Services for certain Public Improvements owned and maintained by a Local Government.


In the event of conflict or ambiguity, the more specific requirements of the Rules in this division 248 take precedence over the more general requirements of the Rules in Division 246.


The Rules as a whole implement the Oregon Public Contracting Code, as defined in ORS 279A.010 (Definitions for Public Contracting Code), and this division 248 of the Rules specifically addresses matters covered in ORS Chapter 279C.110 (Selection procedures for consultants to provide services) through 279C.125 (Architectural, engineering, photogrammetric mapping, transportation planning and land surveying services selection process for local public improvements procured through state agency).


Delegation of authority for these contracts must be according to OAR 125-246-0170 (Delegation of Authority).


The dollar Threshold amounts that are applicable to the Direct Appointment Procedure, OAR 125-248-0200 (Direct Appointment Procedure), the Informal Selection Procedure, 125-248-0210 (Informal Selection Procedure), and the Formal Selection Procedure, 125-248-220, are independent from and have no effect on the dollar Threshold amounts that trigger the legal sufficiency review requirement for Agencies under ORS 291.047 (Public contract approval by Attorney General).


For purposes of these Division 248 Rules, the Department adopts the following Model Public Contract Rules, as revised and effective January 1, 2016: OAR 137-048-0110 (Definitions), OAR 137-048-0120 (List of Interested Consultants; Performance Record), OAR 137-048-0130 (Applicable Selection Procedures; Pricing Information; Disclosure of Proposals; Conflicts of Interest), OAR 137-048-0200 (Direct Appointment Procedure), OAR 137-048-0210 (Informal Selection Procedure), OAR 137-048-0220 (Formal Selection Procedure), OAR 137-048-0230 (Ties Among Proposers), OAR 137-048-0240 (Protest Procedures), OAR 137-048-0250 (Solicitation Cancellation, Delay or Suspension; Rejection of All Proposals or Responses; Consultant Responsibility For Costs), OAR 137-048-0260 (Two-Tiered Selection Procedure for Local Contracting Agency Public Improvement Projects), OAR 137-048-0270 (Price Agreements), OAR 137-048-0300 (Prohibited Payment Methodology; Purchase Restrictions), OAR 137-048-0310 (Expired or Terminated Contracts; Reinstatement), OAR 137-048-0320 (Contract Amendments).
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