OAR 137-079-0130
Application Assistant Certification


Application Assistants shall be designated by the Department upon satisfaction of the requirements included in this section and in compliance with ORS 192.826 (Application for participation in program) and 192.854 (Application assistants).


Requirements for designation of an Application Assistant shall include:


Current service in a public or private entity as described in ORS 192.854 (Application assistants)(1);


At least forty (40) hours of comprehensive training in domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in-person advocacy, which may include the training required for in-person domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking responders by the Department of Human Services, or comparable training, as determined by the Administrative Coordinator. Topic areas covered by such training shall include comprehensive safety planning and confidentiality;


Completion of training provided by the Department or designee on the Program and the role of the Application Assistant;


Signing an Application Assistant Agreement with the Department, and specifying the agency which the Application Assistant is currently serving; and


Such other requirements as the Department may require in its discretion in order to carry out the activities enumerated in ORS 192.820 (Definitions for ORS 192.820 to 192.868) through ORS 192.865 (Criminal penalty). When an Application Assistant applies to renew a designation, these requirements may include but are not limited to supplemental or additional training.


Notwithstanding the above requirements, designation and the renewal of designation of an Application Assistant shall be at the discretion of the Department.


The Application Assistant Agreement shall be for a term of two (2) years, and shall be renewable upon request of the Application Assistant and upon a determination by the Department in its discretion that the Application Assistant continues to fulfill the requirements for designation, including to continue to serve the agency specified in the Application Assistant Agreement.


When an Application Assistant who has been designated leaves the agency specified in the Application Assistant Agreement, the Agreement shall terminate and the Application Assistant designation shall be cancelled. The Application Assistant may apply for a new designation and shall be designated according to the provisions of this section and ORS 192.820 (Definitions for ORS 192.820 to 192.868)192.854 (Application assistants).


The Department shall keep a list of agencies at which Application Assistants are currently designated and shall make the information available to the public.


If the Department fails to receive sufficient funding to allow the Program to operate, the Department shall notify each currently designated Application Assistant that the Program is no longer accepting applications from prospective participants and is terminating the Application Assistant Agreement. If, after sending such notice, the Department receives funding to allow the Program to resume, the Department shall notify each Application Assistant whose designation was cancelled due to lack of funding, and shall offer a process for redesignation.

Source: Rule 137-079-0130 — Application Assistant Certification, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=137-079-0130.

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