OAR 137-087-0035
Interface Standards — Other BIPs


Purpose. The purpose of sections (2)–(4) of this rule is to promote accountability and completion of BIP program requirements and to deter batterers from changing enrollment from one BIP to another BIP to avoid accountability.


Restrictions on Participant Transfer. A participant may not transfer from one BIP to another BIP without the specific authorization of the LSA or MA, or its agent, with supervisory responsibility for the batterer.


Authorization to Obtain Information. After receiving a referral for a new BIP participant from the LSA or MA, a BIP shall require the participant to authorize any former BIP(s) to send the new BIP information about the participant’s attendance, participation and payment record, Accountability Plan, exit summary and transfer plan. The new BIP shall promptly request the authorized information from any former BIP(s).


Credit for Sessions. The new BIP may, but is not required to, extend credit for the number of sessions attended at the former BIP; however, the participant shall be required to complete all of the new BIP’s program requirements before program completion.


Participation in BIP Organizations. A BIP shall be active in local and statewide BIP organizations to help:


Provide quality services to enhance the safety of victims;


Participate in peer review that fosters statewide compliance with the standards set out in these rules;


Discourage practices by other BIPs that do not comply with these standards;


Assist in the development of relationships with VPs and others in the coordinated community response to domestic violence;


Share research results and new practices with other BIPs; and


Cooperate, to the extent practicable, in research on domestic violence that is approved by the Council and otherwise consistent with victim or partner safety, and collaborate in the production and dissemination of research findings.

Source: Rule 137-087-0035 — Interface Standards — Other BIPs, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=137-087-0035.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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