OAR 137-087-0070
Policies and Procedures as to Termination or Release


Policies and Procedures. A BIP may release a participant based upon program compliance, or terminate participation based on program non-compliance or for other reasons, as provided in sections (3)-(6) of this rule.


Program Exit Summary. No later than 30 days after the last service contact, a BIP shall prepare for the participant’s record an exit summary describing the reason for release or termination and the participant’s status. A BIP shall provide a copy of the exit summary to the LSA or MA, or both, or their designees within seven business days after its preparation.


In communications about release based on program compliance, a BIP shall note that release is not evidence that the participant is presently non-abusive or non-violent, does not describe current behavior outside the BIP, and does not predict future behavior.


A BIP shall inform the MA if the participant has complied with the MA-mandated length of participation, but not completed the BIP program.


Release for Program Compliance. A BIP may release a participant based on program compliance only if a participant has achieved:


Compliance with the BIP’s attendance policy for the entire time period established in accordance with the BIP’s rules;


Compliance with group or class rules throughout intervention services;


Completion of the Accountability Plan; and


Compliance with other BIP rules and conditions for participation in the BIP.


Terminating Participation for Program Non-Compliance. A BIP may terminate participation based on program non-compliance for any of the following reasons:


Failing to maintain regular attendance, consistent with OAR 137-087-065(5) and (6);


Failing to participate during BIP services, or failing to complete assignments, as required by BIP policies provided during orientation pursuant to OAR 137-087-0060 (Admission Policies and Procedures)(3)(b)(D);


Creating an unsafe environment or exhibiting disruptive behavior that undermines the achievement of group or class objectives;


Threatening the safety of the facilitator, staff, or other BIP participants;


Failing to comply with other requirements of a BIP, including violation of the group or class rules or other conditions that are a part of the BIP’s participation requirements;


Failing to comply with the BIP payment agreement; or


Ongoing battering behavior.


LSA Request for Re-Admission. Unless the participant was terminated based on section (4)(d) or section (6) of this rule, the BIP may re-admit the participant upon request of the LSA with an increased number of sessions necessary to achieve BIP program completion requirements and other conditions appropriate to the basis for termination.


Terminating Participation for Other Reasons. A BIP may terminate participation because the admission was inappropriate based on the criteria in OAR 137-087-0060 (Admission Policies and Procedures)(1)(a).


Leaves of Absence. A BIP may permit, only with approval by the MA or LSA, a participant to remain in the BIP while temporarily not attending groups or classes for reasons the BIP and MA or LSA determines are justified. Leaves of absence shall be rare, specifically time limited and granted only upon proper supporting documentation and when there are no other viable options.

Source: Rule 137-087-0070 — Policies and Procedures as to Termination or Release, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=137-087-0070.

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