OAR 137-087-0090
Demonstration Projects (see definition in Section 1)


Demonstration Projects. BIPs shall continue to evolve and change as best practices are developed. These standards are not intended to discourage innovative demonstration projects as long as victim safety and participant accountability are maintained. A BIP must propose to operate a demonstration project by a written request for project approval by the Attorney General’s BIP Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee), established under OAR 137-087-0100 (BIP Advisory Committee), that addresses the following:


Identification of the sections and subsections in these rules that project approval would waive;


Relevant research, professional experience, or other credible data showing that the batterer intervention method proposed for the project is an effective and appropriate means of intervention, and that under no circumstances shall the project require actions that shall jeopardize the safety of women, children or the community, collude with the participant, or require victim participation;


Expertise of the BIP to conduct the proposed project and the BIP’s ability to maintain such expertise for the project’s duration;


A means, independent of the BIP, for evaluating the effectiveness of the project;


The BIP’s record, if any, of conducting and completing other programs or projects for private or public entities, including the BIP’s record of cooperation in resolving problems identified by such entities;


The geographic location to be served, the participating persons, agencies and organizations, and their respective roles in the project; the length of time for the proposed project, subject to section (3) of this rule; and expected outcomes;


The involvement, if any, of community-based VPs in the design and implementation of the project;


Position of the LSA, MA and Council in the area to be included in the project as to approval of the project; and


Any additional information the BIP believes is relevant to deciding whether the proposal shall be approved.


Informing Community Partners of the Demonstration Project. After approval of the project by the Advisory Committee and before implementing the project, the BIP shall inform community partners (VPs, LSA, courts, Council, community justice, district attorney’s office, alcohol and drug treatment providers and other agencies that come in contact with batterers or with victims or partners) of the demonstration project and changes in the BIP’s program design. BIP informational materials shall be revised to state clearly the project’s changes so as to avoid any misleading or inaccurate information about the BIP. On a quarterly basis, the BIP shall report to the community partners on the progress of the demonstration project, including concerns about its efficacy. A copy of each report shall also be mailed to the Advisory Committee.


Demonstration Project Time Period. In general, a proposal for a demonstration project shall not exceed a 24 month period. While a demonstration project is being conducted, a BIP may petition to extend the demonstration project. The petition shall provide updated information on all the criteria identified in section (1) of this rule.


Discontinuation of Demonstration Project. After a proposed project is approved, evidence of an increase in batterer abuse, or a decrease in batterer accountability, shall lead to immediate discontinuation of the project. The BIP shall immediately inform the community partners specified in section (2) of this rule, and the Advisory Committee, of the discontinuation of the demonstration project.

Source: Rule 137-087-0090 — Demonstration Projects (see definition in Section 1), https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=137-087-0090.

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