OAR 137-087-0095
Program Review


Review of BIP Performance. An LSA and/or MA, in consultation with the Council, shall periodically review the performance of BIPs located within the jurisdiction of the LSA for compliance with these rules. LSAs are strongly encouraged to conduct regular reviews of programs and to only refer batterers to programs that are in compliance with these rules or that are working to achieve compliance.


Availability of Records. Except for victim or partner records a BIP shall not disclose, a BIP shall make records available for, and require its staff to cooperate with, program review described in section (1) of this rule.


Distribution of Review. If a review is completed under section (1) of this rule, a copy of the review shall be provided to the BIP executive director, board of directors and owners, and sent by the LSA to the presiding judge and the district attorney for the county in which the LSA operates.


Action on Recommendations. Within 90 days after receipt of the written copy of the review by the BIP, the BIP shall take any corrective actions recommended by the review or advise the LSA and MA in writing why the BIP does not intend to take a particular corrective action. The BIP shall provide a copy of its written response to the Council.


Grievance Policies and Procedures. Each BIP shall develop, implement, and fully inform participants of grievance policies and procedures that provide for receipt of written grievances from participants. The BIP shall document the receipt, investigation, and any action taken as to the written grievance.


Complaint Procedure. Any person, other than a participant, with a concern about a BIP’s service delivery may file a written complaint with the BIP. The BIP shall respond to the complaint in writing within a reasonable period of time. In its written response, the BIP shall inform the person that if he or she is not satisfied with the BIP’s response, the person may direct his or her complaint to the LSA or the Council.


The BIP Advisory Committee, established in these rules, shall periodically survey BIP compliance with these rules.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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