OAR 141-086-0010
Request for Approval


When a local government has developed a proposed wetland conservation plan pursuant to ORS 196.678 (Wetland conservation plans), it may request the Director to review and approve the plan. Approval requests shall be sent to the Director of the Division of State Lands.


The approval request shall include:


A letter or resolution from the governing body of the local government requesting review by the Division;


Six copies of the wetland conservation plan, containing all information required by ORS 196.678 (Wetland conservation plans)(2), and including implementing ordinances or land use regulations, inventories and other factual information used in developing the plan. All maps of regulated wetlands shall be at a scale of 1" = 200’ or larger;


A list of all documents used in developing the wetland conservation plan that are not included with each plan copy due to excessive volume or size. This list shall include minutes and any “record of proceedings.” The list shall briefly describe the contents of the items not included and identify where those items may be examined. The local government shall make such supporting documents available at hearings before the Director held pursuant to OAR 141-086-0025 (Final Agency Decision);


The name and address of the person authorized to receive any and all correspondence from the Division; and


A list of the names and addresses of all agencies, districts, and public or private citizen groups affected by or interested in the proposed wetland conservation plan.


Upon receipt of an approval request, the Division shall review the request to determine that it contains the documents and information required by section (2) of this rule:


If the request is complete, the Division shall commence review of the approval request pursuant to OAR 141-086-0025 (Final Agency Decision), prepare a proposed order pursuant to ORS 196.681 (Duties of department)(1)(b) and OAR 141-086-0012 (Proposed Order), and provide public notice of the opportunity for comment pursuant to 141-086-0015 (Notice of Opportunity for Comment);


If the approval request is incomplete, the Division shall, within 14 days of receiving the request, notify the local government in writing of the specific requirements of section (2) of this rule that have not been met. The local government has 20 days from the receipt of such notice in which to provide the Division with this required information. If the local government fails to meet this deadline, the approval request will be considered to be withdrawn unless a request for extension has been granted by the Division prior to the deadline.

Source: Rule 141-086-0010 — Request for Approval, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=141-086-0010.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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