OAR 141-086-0185


Once approved by the Department of State Lands (Department), the LWI must be used in place of the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) and is incorporated into the SWI.


The approved LWI must be used by cities and counties in lieu of the NWI for notifying the Department of land use applications affecting mapped wetlands and other waters (ORS 215.418 (Approval of development on wetlands) and 227.350 (Notice of proposed wetlands development)).


An LWI fulfills the wetlands inventory requirements for Goal 5 and Goal 17 (OAR 660-015 and 660-023). An LWI that meets the additional WCP requirements specified in these rules must be used as the wetlands inventory basis for a WCP.


A wetland function and condition assessment of mapped wetlands must be conducted as part of the LWI using the Oregon Freshwater Wetland Assessment Methodology (OFWAM) published by the Department in 1996. An equivalent functional assessment methodology may be used or adjustments may be made to OFWAM upon written approval by the Director. The assessment results are used to determine the relative quality (functions, values, and condition) of the mapped wetlands and to designate significant wetlands (OAR 141-086-0300 (Purpose) through 141-086-0350 (Locally Significant Wetland Criteria)) as required for Goal 5, or to assess wetland functions and values for a WCP.


An LWI is used by the Department, other agencies and the public to help determine if wetlands or other waters are present on particular land parcels.


An LWI provides information for planning purposes on the location of potentially regulated wetlands and other waters such as lakes and streams, but is not of sufficient detail for permitting purposes under the state Removal-Fill Law (ORS 196.800 (Definitions for ORS 196.600 to 196.921) through 196.990 (Penalties)). Smaller wetlands may not be mapped, and wetlands may be missed due to lack of onsite access, tree canopy cover and other constraints. A wetland delineation or determination report may be needed for parcels without LWI-mapped wetlands. A Department-approved wetland delineation report for wetlands identified in an LWI is usually needed prior to site development.


All wetlands inventory procedures and products are subject to review and approval by the Department before the products:


Are incorporated into the SWI;


Can be used in lieu of the NWI for Wetland Land Use Notification purposes; or


Can be used by a city or county for Goal 5, Goal 17 or WCP purposes.
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