OAR 141-086-0222
Paper Map Standards


Maps that meet the requirements in OAR 141-086-0222 (Paper Map Standards)(2) through (5) must be developed and submitted to the Department for approval. A minimum of two sets of the final Department-approved LWI maps in both paper and electronic format (.pdf file) must be prepared; one set must be provided to the Department for inclusion in the SWI and the other must be provided to the local government.


If the study area is covered by more than one wetland map, a single, smaller scale reference map of the complete study area is required. The reference map shall be indexed to the individual, large-scale maps and show, at a minimum, the Public Land Survey System grid, the location and code of all identified wetlands, streams, the study area boundary, and major, named streets.


Wetland maps must include:


Map name;


Scale bar;


Geographic reference to the Public Land Survey System;


Roads, with major roads named, and railroads;


Streams and stream names;


Artificially created wetlands and other waters labeled with their purpose (e.g. storm water pond);


Tax lot lines;


Watershed boundaries at the 6th field Hydrologic Unit Code scale as defined by the US Geological Survey or finer;


Legend that explains all map symbols, line work, and patterns;


Map date (month and year final map prepared);


All wetlands, clearly and accurately drawn and clearly identified by a unique wetland code that relates each wetland to field data forms, tables, databases, wetland summary sheets, and OFWAM summary forms;


Cowardin classification(s) of each wetland per 141-086-0210 (Inventory Development Process and Standards)(15a & 16);


Disclaimer that reads: “Information shown on this map is for planning purposes, represents the conditions that exist at the map date, and is subject to change. The location and extent of wetlands and other waters is approximate. There may be unmapped wetlands and other waters present that are subject to regulation. A current Oregon Department of State Lands-approved wetland delineation is required for state removal-fill permits. You are advised to contact the Department of State Lands and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with any regulatory questions.”


Numbered sample plots; and


Study area boundary as defined by the local government.


Minimum map scale must be 1 inch = 200 feet (1:2,400).

Source: Rule 141-086-0222 — Paper Map Standards, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=141-086-0222.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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