OAR 141-086-0220
LWI Reports


A report that meets the requirements in OAR 141-086-0220 (LWI Reports) (2) and (3) must be developed and submitted to the Department for approval. A minimum of two sets of the final Department-approved LWI report in both paper and electronic format (.pdf file format) must be prepared; one set must be provided to the Department for inclusion in the SWI and the other must be provided to the local government.


The report must document the inventory and mapping processes and results, and include the following information:


A general description of the study area including a description of the landscape setting;


A description of the wetland inventory process including the public involvement process; the inventory methods including the date(s) and scale(s) of source maps and aerial photos used; the offsite and onsite wetland determination procedures including procedures used for visual confirmation and probable wetland identification; and all mapping and map transfer procedures used;


A summary of the inventory results including the total acreage of the study area and the total number and acreage of wetlands identified within the study area, excluding the acreage of deepwater habitat and artificially created wetlands such as detention ponds or aggregate extraction ponds;


A discussion of the OFWAM assessment process (e.g. how assessment units were defined) and the results;


A summary of Locally Significant Wetlands, if identified (may be in table format); and


All figures, with the study area clearly outlined.


Appendices must include:


Sample plot data on standard field data forms per OAR 141-090 et seq.


A summary sheet for each wetland that must at a minimum include:


The unique wetland code;


Street address or equivalent location description;


Township, Range, Section, Quarter Quarter Section and tax lot(s) that contain the mapped wetland;


Approximate wetland size (in acres);


Cowardin classification(s);


HGM classification(s);


Mapped soil unit(s);


Watershed boundaries at the 6th field Hydrologic Unit Code scale as defined by the US Geological Survey or finer;


Sample plot numbers, if any;


Department wetland determination or delineation file numbers, where applicable;


Scientific and common names of dominant plant species;


Primary hydrology sources;


Sampling or visual confirmation date(s) and method;


Locally Significant Wetland determination, if made; and


Comments that describe the wetland, including topographic position, land uses and significant alterations (including agricultural).


OFWAM assessment results for each wetland assessment unit that must include:


Wetlands of Special Interest for Protection (OFWAM, Chapter Five);


Wetland Characterization results (OFWAM, Appendix B);


Assessment results represented in table format;


Answer sheets for all wetland assessment questions (OFWAM, Appendix C);


Function and condition summary sheets for fish habitat, wildlife habitat, water quality, hydrologic control and, if applicable, education and recreation (OFWAM, Appendix C); and


Watershed summary sheet (OFWAM, Appendix C).


Technical staff members and qualifications.
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