OAR 141-110-0010

The following policies will guide the Department in managing state land for grazing including those lands referred to as Common School Grazing Lands for livestock use under these rules:


All Trust Land will be managed in accordance with the need to maximize long-term financial benefit to the Common School Fund.


All Trust and Non-Trust Land will be managed with the objective of obtaining the greatest benefit for the people of this state consistent with the conservation of this resource under sound techniques of land management.


The Department will honor the terms and conditions of any existing valid forage lease including any that entitle the lessee to compensation or renewal.


The Department will manage state lands used for livestock grazing to prevent human-induced loss of ecosystem health. Toward this end, the Department will assist in implementing leasehold improvements and practices that maintain, achieve or restore healthy, properly functioning ecosystems and maintain, restore, or enhance water quality.


The Department will, to the best of its ability, monitor and assess ecosystem health. The Department may use assessments and routine monitoring as the basis for management decisions.


The Department may authorize other, non-forage-related uses for a leasehold, even if the leasehold is already subject to a forage lease, pursuant to these regulations and the terms and provisions of the forage lease.


The Department will manage all lands leased for livestock grazing or permitted for livestock trailing in accordance with the applicable land classification as guided by the AMP and any applicable SAMP or LMP.


The Department may, at its discretion, deny a lease application or lease renewal to use state-owned land if the applicant’s financial status or past business or management practices indicate that they may not:


Be able to fully meet the terms and conditions of a lease or other form of authorization offered by the Department; or


Use the land applied for in a way that is consistent with the policies of OAR 141-110-0010 (Policies), listed above.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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