OAR 141-110-0085
Lease Renewals


At least 180 calendar days prior to the current lease expiration date, the Department will send the lessee of record a notice by certified mail indicating the date of expiration along with a lease renewal application form. The lease renewal application form must be received by the Department not less than 90 calendar days prior to the expiration of the lease.


The Department may review the lands incorporated in the leasehold prior to expiration of the lease to determine their continued suitability for grazing.


Upon receipt of a completed lease renewal application form, the lease will be renewed for a term of up to 10 calendar years unless:


Otherwise specified in the applicable forage lease;


The land has been reclassified according to the Asset Management Plan to a land classification other than rangelands;


The lessee has not complied with the terms of the lease, related statutes, these rules, or any applicable LMP and amendments thereto; or


The Department determines that the renewal of the lease for all or portions of the leasehold is contrary to local, state, or federal law; or inconsistent with the Land Board’s fiduciary responsibilities; or will not result in the greatest public benefit, consistent with the conservation of the resource under sound techniques of land management as required by Article VIII, Section 5, of the Oregon Constitution.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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