Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division

Rule Rule 160-010-0010

For the purposes of OAR 160-010-0010 (Definitions) through 160-010-0014 (Prohibitions):


“Distinguishable” means visually distinct, in writing, as opposed to a comparison of words as they sound. Thus, homonyms, such as “fair” and “fare” are permitted; whereas heteronyms such as “wind” and “wind” are not distinguishable.


“Entity identifier” means the words “corporation”, “company”, “incorporated”, “limited”, “limited liability company”, “limited liability partnership”, “business trust”, “professional corporation” or “limited partnership” or any abbreviation or derivation thereof. An entity identifier must be separate from other words or parts of words in the business name to be considered an entity identifier. Example: “ProCorp” does not have an entity identifier. “ProCorp, Inc.” does.


“Key Word” means a word other than an article, preposition, conjunction, or entity identifier at the end of a business name.

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