Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division

Rule Rule 160-010-0210


”Specimen” means a facsimile of a mark that is an attached drawing, photocopy, or electronic version in PDF format, for the purposes of 647.015 (Application for registration) and 647.055 (Period of registration). The words and design that comprise the mark must be clear and legible.


”Stamped filed date” on the filed copy sent to registrant means the registration date, for purposes of 647.045 (Certificate of registration)(2).


”Correspondent name and mailing address” means the registrant’s mailing address for purposes of 647.055 (Period of registration).


”Applicant,” after the application has been filed under 647.015 (Application for registration), means a “registrant.”


“Proof of concurrent United States Patent and Trademark office registration” has the same effect as a renewal for the purposes of 647.075 (Cancellation of registrations)(2).

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