Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division

Rule Rule 160-010-0220
Application for Trade or Service Mark

An application for trade or service mark may be submitted, if the Secretary of State’s systems permit, by fax, mail, electronically, and in person. The content of the application to file a trade or service mark must include:


Applicant name and address. The applicant can be either:


An individual, or


An entity.


If the applicant is an entity, the following must be included:


Entity type,


State of domicile, if the entity is a corporation, partnership, or an LLC, and


Names of the general partners, if the entity is a partnership.


Correspondent name and address for mailing notices.


Goods or services on or in connection with which the mark is used.


Mode and manner in which the mark is used on or in connection with the goods or services.


Class into which the goods or services fall.


Date mark was first used anywhere.


Date mark was first used by applicant or a predecessor in interest in Oregon.


Written description that comprises all words and designs included in the mark.


One specimen of the mark as actually used.


A statement that the applicant owns the mark, the mark is in use, and no other person has registered the mark with the federal government or in Oregon or has the right to use the mark or a mark that resembles the mark as to be likely to cause confusion or mistake or deceive when applied to the goods or services of the other person.


The trade or service mark application must be signed and verified by the applicant by declaration under penalties of perjury. If the applicant is an entity, the application must be signed by a member of the firm, officer of the corporation, limited liability company or association applying to register the mark, as evidenced by title.

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