Oregon Secretary of State, Archives Division

Rule Rule 166-017-0010

In addition to the definitions contained in OAR 166-005-0010 (Definitions for Divisions 5 through 475), the following definitions apply to this division:


“AIIM” — Association for Information and Image Management.


“ANSI” — American National Standards Institute.


“ASCII” — American Standard Code for Information Interchange; A standard, seven-bit character set for use by digital computers, which includes 96 displaying symbols (letters, digits, punctuation) and 32 control codes (line feed, newline, tab, etc.).


“Cloud storage” is a model of networked enterprise storage where data is stored in virtualized pools of storage which may be hosted by third parties.


“Digitization” means the process of transforming analog material into electronic form, especially for storage and use in a computer.


“DoD” — Department of Defense.


“DPI” — Dots per inch; refers to the number of pixels contained in a linear inch.


“Electronic record” means any information recorded in a form that requires a machine to process and access the information.


“Electronic records system” is a generic term to indicate any combination of hardware, media or storage, and software used to store electronic records.


“Electronic records management system (ERMS)” means commercial or open source purpose-built software used by an organization to manage records from creation to final disposition. The system’s primary functions are categorizing and locating records and identifying records that are due for disposition. The Electronic Records Management System also stores, retrieves and may dispose of the electronic records that are stored in its repository.


“Hybrid micrographic system” means a system that combines a micrographic/microfilm analog system with electronic, digital technology.


“IEC” — International Electrotechnical Commission.


“ISO” — International Organization for Standardization.


“Magnetic media” means any type of storage medium that utilizes magnetic patterns to represent information.


“NIST SP” — National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication


“Open format” means a data format that is defined in complete detail and that allows transformation of the data to other formats without loss of information. An open format may be either standards-based or proprietary.


“Optical media” means a platter used to store large quantities of data that can be read using light.


“PDF” — Portable Document Format.


“TIFF” — Tagged Image File Format.


"WORM” — Write once, read many; refers to a type of optical disk which cannot be erased or amended.

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