Oregon Secretary of State, Archives Division

Rule Rule 166-017-0085
Records Retention Requirements

Agencies must develop and adopt policies and procedures to ensure that electronic records are retained and managed as specified in a records retention schedule approved by the State Archivist (166-030-0026 (Public Records Retention and Disposition Authorization (State Agencies)) or 166-030-0027 (Public Records Retention and Disposition Authorization (Local Agencies))). These retention policies and procedures must include provisions for:


Scheduling the retention and disposition of all electronic records, as well as related access documentation and indexes, in accordance with approved records retention schedules developed and authorized by the State Archivist.


Identifying, maintaining and protecting essential records and essential records systems (OAR 166-020-0045 (Essential Records Systems, Identification and Storage)).


Establishing procedures for regular recopying, reformatting, and other necessary maintenance to ensure the retention and usability of the electronic records throughout their authorized retention period so that the records remain accessible.


Ensuring that electronic records specified in OAR 166-030-0026 (Public Records Retention and Disposition Authorization (State Agencies))(4) are not destroyed without the written permission of the State Archivist.

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Jun. 8, 2021