OAR 166-450-0015
Child Care Records

The General Schedule is applicable to the child care records of community colleges. Retention periods apply to the official copy of all public records, regardless of medium or physical format, created or stored by the above specified agencies. Please note the exceptions to this General Schedule listed in OAR 166-030-0027 (Public Records Retention and Disposition Authorization (Local Agencies)) before disposing of records.


Child Abuse Report Records: Records document suspected child abuse at college child care centers. Records may include but are not limited to a narrative account of the incident; notes and working files; observations of the child; a record of phone call to the State Office of Services to Children and Families or law enforcement agency; and related documentation. Also includes records verifying staff training in child abuse recognition. Information may be exempt from public disclosure per ORS 192.501(1), (3), (13). ORS 192.502(2). OAR 414-300-0060 (Record Keeping)(2). (Minimum retention: one year after reported).


Child Care Accident Reports Records document injury or accident to children at college child care centers. Records may include but are not limited to an accident form reporting the child’s name, nature of the injury, teacher, witness, date, time, and place of accident;description of accident; action taken or care given; comments; signatures of reporting staff and parent(s); record of transportation to doctor or hospital; and related documentation. (Minimum retention: one year).


Child Care Billing Records: Records document the billing and payment for services provided by college child care centers. Records may include but are not limited to billing records which compute the fees assessed and record the amount due; adjustment memos which document changes in the amount due; and related documentation. SEE ALSO: Accounts Receivable Records in Financial and Accounting Records Section. (Minimum retention: three years).


Child Care Daily Attendance Records: Records document the daily attendance of children at college child care centers. Records may include but are not limited to a sign-in sheet with the date, name of child, and times of arrival and departure. (Minimum retention: one year).


Child Care Facility License Records: Records document the annual licensing of college child care facilities by the Employment Department, Child Care Division. Records may include but are not limited to sanitation inspection reports; fire safety reports; fire and other emergency drill records; staff development and training records; staff criminal history checks; staff first aid cards; staff orientation records; official license; Child Care Division inspection and certification; and correspondence. (Minimum retention: five years).


Child Care Food Program Records: Records document the administration of the Child and Adult Care Food Program which provides meals and snacks to children at college care centers. Application is made annually to this U.S. Department of Agriculture program. Records may include but are not limited to monthly reimbursement claims which document the number of days of food service, production records, weekly menus, and attendance forms; Child and Adult Care Food Program Confidential Income Statement which documents the names, birth dates, and ethnicity of the children and the monthly income of the child’s household; enrollment roster; and related documentation. (Minimum retention: five years).


Children’s Case Files: Records document a child’s enrollment/admission and attendance at a college child care center. Records may include but are not limited to applications for admission; emergency notification forms; authorization to administer medications; permission to obtain emergency medical treatment and to call an ambulance; approval to participate in field trips or swimming; communications from parents; immunization records; and correspondence. May also, but do not necessarily, include assessments for learning disabilities or counseling; release forms; vision, speech, and hearing screenings, and records about special needs children. Portions may be exempt from public disclosure per ORS 192.502(2). (Minimum retention: one year after last attended).


Immunization Records, Student Workers: Records verify that student workers in the child care center have measles protection and other required immunizations. Immunization verification is required for certain college students involved in health related programs, education or child care programs, other work experience programs, and intercollegiate athletics. The Certificate of Immunization Status forms include student identification information; vaccine history; and religious or medical exemptions. Immunization verification may also be required for hepatitis and other blood borne pathogens. (Minimum retention: one year).
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