OAR 230-130-0440

(1) Groin Protection – all male competitors must wear a steel cup.
(2) Female competitors must wear breast protection
(3) Female competitors must wear rash guard shirts.
(4) Male competitors must wear trunks with no pockets, and any strings must be tucked in and taped.
(5) Competitors must wear an approved and fitted mouth guard.
(6) Knee or ankle braces are not permitted, nor is taping for the same purpose.
(7) Shoes are not permitted.
(8) Shirts or rash guards are not permitted for male competitors.
(9) Gloves:
(a) Must be supplied by the promoter and approved by the Commission;
(b) Both competitors must have the option to both use the same brand and quality of glove, and any variations must be approved by both competitors and an authorized representative of the superintendent;
(c) May only be used in only one bout per event;
(d) Main event gloves must be new and provided by the promoter;
(e) Must have the distal portion of the thumb attached to the body of the glove;
(f) No breaking, skinning, roughing or twisting is permitted;
(g) Must weigh a minimum of eight (8) ounces for competitors weighing less than 160 lbs.;
(h) Must weigh a minimum of ten (10) ounces for competitors weighing 160 lbs. and over;
(i) For competitors weighing less than 126 lbs, six (6) ounce gloves may be approved for use;
(j) Weight of gloves for both competitors must be the same;
(k) Must only be placed on the competitor in the presence of an Inspector;
(l) If found to be unfit, shall be immediately discarded and replaced with gloves meeting the above requirements;
(m) Promoters are required to have new replacement gloves available at ringside.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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