OAR 230-130-0480

(1) Head Butting
(2) Low Blow
(3) Direct attacks to the knee
(4) Strikes to the back of the head
(5) Strikes to the spine
(6) Strikes to the throat
(7) Striking a downed opponent
(8) Striking an opponent while under the referee’s care
(9) Shoving, throwing or wrestling an opponent, except in a legal clinch
(10) Striking when the referee has call a break
(11) Striking after the bell has sounded
(12) Holding the ropes or using the ropes a s a weapon
(13) Timidity
(14) Use of abusive language or abusive gestures
(15) Causing intentional delays in the action
(16) Eye gouging
(17) Hair pulling
(18) Biting or spitting
(19) Holding the opponent’s shorts
(20) Interference from a competitors seconds
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Jun. 8, 2021

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