OAR 230-130-0460
Conduct of Seconds and Between Round Care

(1) Conduct of Seconds: The conduct and activities of Seconds shall comply with instructions and standards of the Commission.
(2) A licensed manager of an unarmed combat sports competitor may act as a second to a competitor without obtaining a license as a second:
(a) Only assigned medical personnel, or a person licensed as a second for a professional unarmed combat sports competitor may apply medications to cuts as approved within these rules;
(b) No competitor may have more than three (3) seconds except in a world title competition or for a special event in which an authorized representative of the superintendent may authorize four (4) seconds;
(c) If, during a round, a second decides to stop a competition by corner submission, the second shall do so by stepping onto the apron of the ring. If there is no apron, a second shall notify the inspector assigned to the corner to ring the bell or gain the attention of the referee to stop the bout;
(d) A second shall not excessively coach a competitor during a round, interfere with or otherwise disrupt a bout;
(e) No excessive or undue spraying or throwing of water on any competitor between rounds is permitted;
(f) Seconds shall leave the ring enclosure at the sound of the timekeeper’s whistle, or at the instruction of the referee;
(g) Seconds shall remove all obstructions, including stools, buckets, and all equipment promptly at the signal for the beginning of each round. None of these articles shall be placed on the ring floor until the bell has sounded the end of the round;
(h) Before leaving the ring, seconds must wipe spilled water from the ring floor;
(i) No second shall enter the ring between rounds and assist a competitor back to the corner unless the bout has been terminated by the referee.
(3) During the progress of any round, seconds shall remain seated and shall not engage in disruptive behavior, including but not limited to;
(a) Clapping;
(b) Grabbing the ropes;
(c) Use of foul language;
(d) Throw anything into the ring;
(e) No coaching during any medical or administrative time out.
(4) All materials utilized by a second, applied to or into the body of a competitor between rounds shall be approved in advance by the Commission. A non-approved substance shall not be applied to or allowed into the body of a competitor between rounds.
(5) Between Round Care: The following substances and materials are approved for use in the corner:
(a) Bucket;
(b) Ice (must not be loose);
(c) Water;
(d) Cotton Swabs;
(e) Gauze pads;
(f) Clean sponge;
(g) Clean towels;
(h) Coagulants (Adrenalin 1:1000, Avetine, Thrombin (Must be unopened in original packaging);
(i) Coagulants are not approved for use in amateur unarmed combat sports;
(j) Petroleum Jelly;
(k) Medical Diachylon tape;
(l) Enswell;
(m) Bandage scissors;
(n) Thai Liniment Namman Muay.

Source: Rule 230-130-0460 — Conduct of Seconds and Between Round Care, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=230-130-0460.

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