OAR 291-031-0009

(1) Caseload: Each county’s caseload consists of the offenders under the supervision of the county office who are:
(a) Felony or designated drug-related misdemeanor probationers;
(b) Parolees and offenders under post-prison supervision;
(c) Conditional releases, including those sentenced under the provisions of “second look” (ORS 420A.206 (Conditional release)), conditional discharges under ORS 475.245 (Conditional discharge), and other forms of felony diversion;
(d) Those released to the county on leave under the provisions of ORS 421.510 (Eligibility for nonprison leave) and 421.168 (Transitional leave);
(e) Sentenced to 12 months or less incarceration;
(f) Sanctioned to 12 months or less incarceration for a violation of condition of supervision; and
(g) For purposes of budget building and allocation, offenders on abscond, inactive supervision, incarcerated in a federal or out-of-state institution, or being held pending deportation shall not be included.
(2) County Population: Those persons projected or counted by the census who permanently reside in a county.
(3) Intergovernmental Agreement: An agreement between the department and the county under which community corrections services will be provided, as required by ORS 423.535 (Biennial community corrections plan required)
(4) Local Community Corrections Program: Any locally‑based public or private organization which provides correctional services and is funded either in whole or in part by grants from the Department of Corrections, excluding programs directly under the administration of the Department of Corrections Community Corrections.
(5) Plan: The biennial community corrections plan referenced in ORS 423.525 (Application for financial aid)(7) and required by ORS 423.535 (Biennial community corrections plan required).
(6) Workload: The number of offenders sentenced to probation, parole, post-prison supervision, or released to transitional leave in a county, including estimated change in that population for the biennium.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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