OAR 291-031-0026

(1) Community Corrections funds will be allocated based on a formula that considers workload, county population, and the cost per day of managing offenders on probation, parole, post-prison supervision, and transitional leave. The formula will be weighted 100% workload and 0% county population.
(2) The Director of the Department of Corrections, after considering recommendations of those listed in ORS 423.530 (Procedure for determining amount of financial grants)(2), shall determine the method and formula by which funds are allocated to counties.
(3) Prior to July of each odd‑numbered year, the Department of Corrections shall determine each county’s proposed share of workload and will compute each county’s percentage share of the coming biennial grant-in-aid appropriation. When the total actual appropriation is known, the Department of Corrections will compute the actual amounts indicated.
(4) An intergovernmental agreement between the county(s) and the department must be executed prior to any state Grant-In-Aid funds being expended.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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